• Paleo friendly
  • Ketogenic
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan


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A unique tea for supporting the body’s natural cellular cleansing process.*

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What Is AutophaTea?

Introducing Autophagy

AutophaTea was created to boost autophagy. This Nobel Prize-recognized science is the biological process that removes, recycles and repairs damage in cells. Activating autophagy helps your cells work better, helping you look and feel younger.

Activating Autophagy can:

  • Promote collagen production for glowing skin*
  • Improve cognitive function and memory*
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease*
  • Provides cellular energy for metabolism efficiency*

Youth-Activating Tea

Each ingredient is specially selected: Organic Earl Grey tea with whole citrus bergamot; organic green tea leaves with the powerful polyphenol EGCG; and, smooth Ceylon cinnamon, creates a sweet and bold fusion of flavors.These ingredients are traditionally used to support energy, weight management and radiance.

My favorite way to enjoy AutophaTea

A Mug


Hot Water


An Autophatea Bag


1 Tbs Organic Coconut Oil

or 1 Tbs of Organic MCT Oil

Mix it all together for 20 to 30 seconds and enjoy!

Key benefits

Helps activate autophagy*

Promotes satiety*

Supports weight management*

Boosts energy*

Renews youthful radiance*

We use only pure ingredients

Autophatea is ketogenic, paleo friendly, gluten-free and vegan

Organic black tea

Bold-tasting tea leaves high in polyphenols, with natural caffeine that helps reinvigorate health and body

Organic green tea

Delicate green tea leaves with a high concentration of EGCG, a powerful polyphenol shown to support healthy aging

Ceylon cinnamon

Considered “true” cinnamon, this variety has a velvety sweetness and has been studied for its positive effect on maintaining good health

Whole Citrus Bergamot

Derived from a small fruit that grows in Calabria, Italy, this citrus is traditionally used to support wellness

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Featured on Dr. Oz

The collection


48 Servings


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AutophaTeaTM Capsules

30 Servings


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Autophatea MCT Boost Kit


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∆Contains approximately 150 mg of caffeine per serving, about as much as a 12 oz cup of coffee

Autophatea in the media

“AutophaTea tastes like a gourmet version of cinamonny goodness. I drink 2-3 cups every day and I’m so impressed at how it keeps my hunger in check. It took a couple of days for it to fully kick in but I found myself fuller faster.”

- Tiffany

“I am a big fan of Intermittent fasting so AutophaTea was a game changer for me. The warmth of the tea with a spoon full of coconut oil is a perfect combination for keeping your tummy full and keeping energy boosted until lunch. I am always traveling for work too, so AutophaTea is my secret weapon to keep my diet on track while in and out of hotels and airplanes. It also saves me a ton of time and money because I never have to think about breakfast. I just keep in my bag at all times. Total life saver!”

- Errin

“Coffee gives me the jitters, so AutophaTea is a perfect alternative without the “crash” and you end up getting an even better list of health benefits!”

- Sarah

“If you’re in your 30’s-50’s and looking for strategies to look your best and help prevent aging, Autophatea and the strategies from Glow 15 is something that every person should know about. Intermittent fasting with Autophatea was a whole new fresh perspective that makes total sense. Thank you Naomi!”

- Rebecca

“On the day of my son’s graduation, when the sugar substitutes were passed around, I passed and instead shared the coconut oil and cinnamon sticks I travel with, and got everyone else hooked on AuotphatTea as well.”

- Grace